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MMA Title stays in Gibraltar

MMA Title stays in Gibraltar

Gibraltar - 20th November 2015 - Joe Williams defended his title, Gibraltar MMA Belt with against Andy Palin System MMA Uk Team at the Central Hall in Gibraltar. The Gibraltar MMA Cage Fight Night, "Rock Under Siege" also saw fights between Nathan Ponce De Leon Gib MMA vs Ruben Abdeslam, Vera MMA Melilla Spain - 95 Kgs, Francis Cabrera Gib MMA vs Ben Ali Mouad MMA Tangier - 70 Kgs, Ben Carter MMA System UK vs Santiago Porras MMA Melilla Spain - 90 Kgs, Jyl Poso Gib MMA vs Ismael Bekarni MMA Malaga Spain - 85 Kgs, Nazart Abdeslam Vera MMA Melilla Spain vs Yvav Geraghtyhy MMA System UK - 80 Kgs, Shane Moreno Gib MMA vs Mohcine Zouay MMA Tangier - 70 Kgs, Ismael Filali Poad MMA Tangier vs John Jackson MMA System UK - 82 Kgs and Leeroy Ruiz Gib MMA vs Francisco Javier Serve MMA Malaga Spain - 67 Kgs

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