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A beautiful moment of basketball

A beautiful moment of basketball

Gibraltar - It was Friday 15th April 2016, Valmar Wrightec Veterans were playing Isola Blue Stars reserves in a second division league match. On one side Wayne and Tom Tunbridge alongside Francis Caruana had been lined up together for Valmar. Father and uncles of Sami Tunbridge who was playing for Isola Blue Stars. The young player had been joined, unexpectedly for him by his grandfather Paul Tunbridge donning the Isola Blue Stars shirt.
Sami Tunbridge was coached by David Parody and Stuart Felice, the latter who had been told by Sami that he had wished he could one day have his brother alongside him playing with him. His brother Sean had a disability which impeded him from playing, yet he had watched his brother play in every match. Unbeknown to Sami his coach had taken his words to heart and wanted to make his wish come true and what better way than with the rest of his basketball family playing alongside.
Just as the second quarter was about to end, and with Sami's grandfather the last to come onto the court to play whilst Sami fielded for Isola Blue Stars coach David Parody signalled for the most unusual time out, a time out had just been called and finished and he was calling one immediately. Through the blue curtains separating basketball pitches mother Jane walked with brother Sean who had been helped out of his wheelchair and was now donning the Isola Blue Stars team kit.
Sean and Sami were to have that moment together in the same team on the same court and with his playing family around him, in an official basketball league match thanks to Stuart Felice, GABBA, Isola Blue Stars and Valmar Wrightec and all the other league players and coaches who had agreed that it be so.

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