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New Advertising spaces to be launched

New Advertising spaces to be launched

Core Photography will be allowing advertisers to use space within its photo galleries as part of its first stage launch of a new restructure in its project.
Having assessed our statistics we have realised that Core Photography's website is more than a mere photo gallery and is actually becoming a news image service. Over 6,000 active users are returning every month to check through our images. We have already seen page views reach 123,000 for just one day alone, and our data shows that we are consistently above the 5,000 page views a day.
The launch of our advertising space initiative will be aimed, not at changing our objectives and style, but at enhancing and developing our service. We will continue to use our social media activity, and our distribution services, although we will combine it to provide advertisers with more exposure where possible.
Our first stage is to launch advertising within the gallery pages, which are the most seen areas of our site. This will consist initially of an advert (image/poster type) with no direct links externally, but which can provide further information to users via its title and captions. This would allow for press releases and promotions to be featured next to your adverts if required, along with all the necessary contact information.
If you wish to get more details on our advertising initiative please feel free to contact us on or call us on +350 54017663.

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