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Gibraltar - Man pleads guilty for breach of peace after unfurling Spanish flag

Gibraltar - 22nd June 2016 - Pictured police van with the Spanish national detained for unfurling a Spanish flag at the court parking area.
Man pleads guilty to Conduct Likely to Cause a Breach of the Peace in Gibraltar as a second man is arrested for taking photographs within the courtroom
53yr old Spanish national Juan Ignacio MINGUEZ MARTINEZ, a resident of Madrid, Spain, appeared before Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 22nd June 2016 and pleaded Guilty to one count of Conduct likely to cause a Breach of the Peace. The matter has been adjourned until Tuesday 28th June 2016 for sentencing, and the defendant remanded in custody until that time. MINGUEZ MARTINEZ had unfurled an 18m Spanish flag across a prominent part of the Rocks’s nature reserve in full view of local residents as a political statement over Gibraltar’s sovereignty. MINGUEZ MARTINEZ described himself as the President of Spanish political group VOX.
In connection with this case, a 46yr old Spanish national was also arrested for taking photographs within the same courtroom of the Magistrates’ Court where the above described proceedings took place. He was described as a Spanish lawyer understood to be based in Madrid.
The taking of photographs in court is prohibited, and is a specific offence under the Crimes Act 2011. The man was detained in Police custody.

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