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Once upon a time ... a long time ago (maybe)

"Once upon a time .. a long time ago (maybe)" is one of a series of images being worked on by Stephen Ignacio depicting his perception of what Gibraltar might have been like. The first in the series depicts two people, a male and a female, waiting for the drawbridge by Landport tunnels to be lowered so that they can enter the town of Gibraltar. From sketches dating back to the 15th century traders can be seen making their journey to the town of Gibraltar. The gates were at times closed to them, and with the Great Siege also came the military control of the town. Yet in the surrounding region people still lived who would try and sell their goods to make a living. Rising up early to reach the town as soon as they could so that they could make the first sale before others would arrive. There is no timestamp on when the illustration is based on, leaving it to the viewer to decide. The illustration tries to bring together a past which is still very much in existence now-a-days as Gibraltar, the affluent society, the wealthier of the neighbouring towns, continues to be the converging point for many a trader trying to sell their goods to make a living. Where the politics of the day become secondary when put against day to day life.

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