Illustrations and art - corephotographygibraltar
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The lonely evolution to a people's future

"The Lonely evolution to a people's future" or as also titled "The turmoil's towards a people's future" is the third in a series of digital fine art composites based on the "Birth of a nation" a surrealist fine art photographic composite styled works depicting the ideals towards independence of a nation. A photo realistic composite in which the artist via the use of a surrealist-dreamlike scenario expresses in his own language the inner turmoils of understanding the evolution of his own people as they shift through political turmoils towards greater self determination, questioning whether it is in fact a route towards a belief in independence. Whilst at the same time, the use of icon architectural features, known structures, water, sand, earth and ambience provide the background of the issues which form the passage and ideologies which form the evolution towards such an ideal. The work is currently on show at the Gibraltar Spring Visual Arts exhibition.